Info on using the Shark Tips in 2017

As I have said before the Shark Tips betting picks will be posted FREE on the blog next season.

I usually aim to post the selections before 8am. If the matches are being played in America or in Asia then that time will change and if the first match of a tournament starts in the early hours I will post selections the night before.

They will be posted on here but you also have the option to receive them by email. All you need to do is register a username on the blog and email me asking me to put you on the distribution list.

I keep the stakes very simple. At least 90% of the selections will use either 0.5 or 1 unit stakes. Users should set their own unit size. A suggested stake would be 5% of the betting bank you set aside for these selections.

Occasionally I want a slightly better price than is available pre match. If this is the case you should place the bet as normal which will sit there unmatched. Then use Betfair’s Keep Bet option so that the bet isn’t cancelled when the market turns In Play.

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6 thoughts on “Info on using the Shark Tips in 2017”

    1. blank

      Great! You will need to register a username so I can add you to the list (the distribution list uses user id’s)

  1. blank

    Hello… i would appreciate being on the distribution list, however, can’t see an email address to contact you with my profile name. Could you please provide?


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