LA Women's – Tues

Czink v Makarova

Rankings are 59 and 39. BF prices 1.84 and 2.14 .

Makarova won their only previous meeting which was on clay. Czink much prefers faster courts. Only 6K matched so far and as more money comes in it could well be for Makarova so the prices will be even closer by 7pm.

Tough one to call as far as who will win so an obvious 15-40 or scalping match. Could be 2 tight sets or a 3 setter.

My opinion on the winner is in the balance. My head says Czink as she has, on paper, the better hard court game but my gut says Makarova. The more I look at all the stats the less certain I am of which way it will go.

Scalp it 🙂 There will be plenty of opportunities and price swings.

Update: Makarova won a tight match 3-6, 6-4, 6-1. Great price swings for the scalpers and a one sided final set allowed us to let a back run a little.