Legg Mason – Friday

Ok, have a green of 60 quid on the 4th test after 30 mins. Now back to the day job  🙂

Both matches are covered on bet365 and both have live video with the scoreboard.

Haas v Gonzalez

Should be a cracker! Rankings are 23 and 11 and market prices 2.22 and 1.80 . Head to head is 2-1 to Gonzalez but they haven’t met for a couple of years. Gonzalez’ form has improved greatly over recent months and he hasn’t lost a set so far this week. Haas has had to fight through 3 sets in both rounds.

On recent form it should be Gonzalez going through but i’ll be scalping this one. 15-40 opportunities may be thin on the ground but any successful trades with this method today will bring slightly more ticks profit than normal as the market will give breaks more significance in relation to the final result. (obviously, that means that an unsuccessful one will bring a slightly bigger red! )

Could be very close but probably over in 2 tight sets.

Update: Gonzalez won 7-5, 6-4 . the second set score flatters Haas a little as he rolled over a bit.

Scalpers could have made a profit there. I threw away some of my green when Haas got to 40-15 against serve and threw it away 🙁  Still a good profit from the match.



Soderling v Del Potro

Another great match up! Rankings are 12 and 6 and the head to head 1-1 with Soderling winning their last match in January in straight sets.

The market has them at 2.48 and 1.67 but I think this could be close and wouldn’t be at all surprised if Soderling nicks it. If he hits the ball as well as we know he can then he has a good chance.

Same strategy for this one. Scalping will be how I trade this. I would actually steer clear of 15-40 as both men have the serves and game to pull back if they go down on their own service.

2 tight sets or a 3 setter. Can’t wait  🙂

Update: Gutted! Soderling pulled out before the start of the match with an injury.