Legg Mason Tennis Classic – Tues

Ginepri v Becker

Rankings are 69 and 47 though I expect Becker to start moving down the list. He had a great season last year but unless he can at least match that he will lose points. Hasn’t been doing that so far. Ginepri won a tournament on hard courts a couple of weeks ago and seems full of confidence.

Prices are 1.60 and 2.64 and I see that as decent value for a Back the Favourite strategy. Green up either after the break of serve or at the end of the first set.

Make sure you have your plan in place for if it goes against you. If you don’t have one, visit www.tradesharktennis.com

NEVER enter into a trade unless you know what your strategy will be if things don’t go the way you expect. Making it up as you go along isn’t a wise plan.

Ginepri in 2 sets.

Update: Well,  I got that one wrong. A match totally dominated by serve. Becker won 7-6, 6-7, 7-6. One thing it did show is the need for a strategy for when things don’t go as expected. This one was quite easy to switch as, having won the first tie break very easily, Becker then went a break of serve up early in the second set. His price dropped enough to be able to green up.

Even though it was 3 tie break sets, there were enough swings for anyone who decided to scalp.