Let Betamin Builder find matches that fit your strategy.

Betamin Builder is an innovative tool designed to create sports betting strategies by applying hundreds of filters or conditions. You can create strategies to search for trends or variables with thousands of historical data, and all in a few minutes.

Each time a match is available and meets the conditions registered in your strategy, you will receive an email with all the information necessary to place the bet and with the minimum suggested odds.

The use of the tool is FREE but in order to receive the picks of the strategies you need to hire a pack of picks. You can register FREE clicking here.


With this tool, you will be able to check if all those systems that you have in mind lead or not to a winning strategy in the long term and how it has behaved in recent years.

The tool will indicate at all times the result that is obtained according to the different available filters. In addition, Betamin Builder shows three different types of graphics to see how your strategies and other KPIs evolve from them.

You can also follow strategies created by the Betaminic team. Periodically the best strategies will be published after a rigorous analysis and will be made available to all of you so that with a simple click you can follow the strategy you want and receive the picks in your email. You can see the strategies published so far by clicking here.

It is a very useful tool for all punters’ profiles, for newcomers in the world of betting, for those who have more experience and even for professional users that you predict on websites, platforms or forums.

From today you can forget the spreadsheets or traditional methods, from today, you will be more efficient, time is the best value and we do not always invest it correctly. Welcome to Betamin Builder, welcome to another way to invest your time and your bank.

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