Live Football trading session – Saturday 18 Dec – 3pm to 9pm

SilkBC one of the regulars on the forum and chatroom will be holding a live football trading session in the chatroom on Saturday.

Silk’s an experienced trader so this will be of interest to any of the  less experienced  among you. ( myself included )

He will post details of the game and his plans of how he will trade it on the forum. I will try to incorporate that info into a blog post along with a start time.

All welcome. If successful there will hopefully be more sessions so your support would be appreciated.

Update from Silk:

I m going to aim to do three games: 3pm, 5pm, 7pm (UK times).  The available games and suitability to strats will dictate what times, of course, but it should be safe to put 3pm-9pm.

During those periods, I may spot “unofficial” opportunites that people can feel free to jump on, but those will be played by ear.

I am going to make sure I get to bed early on Friday night, since I plan on being in the forum at about 2pm UK time (6am my time!) :-S


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2 thoughts on “Live Football trading session – Saturday 18 Dec – 3pm to 9pm”

  1. Morning All.
    Looking forward to the live trading. Just a couple of questions

    Do we need to down load any software?
    Will we be able to actually watch silkBC trading or will he just tell us what he has done and most importantly why?


    1. Hi,
      No, nothing to download. Everything will take place in the chatroom ( accessed via the link on the right hand side of the blog/forum.
      You won’t be able to see Silk’s screen but he will be explaining his trades and the reasons for them.

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