Live Trading – How will it work?

I’m sure this service will evolve over time but this is how it see it working at first. ( As always I would welcome feedback/ideas)


When I am available to do a live session I will post either on this section of the forum or on the blog ( or both). I will try to put this up as early as I can do give people time to get organised.


Payments, if applicable, should be made via paypal. There is a link to a payment page in the right hand sidebar of the forum/blog. Payments should be made to


Before the selected match starts I will add the participants to a group on Skype and call them. Once we have everyone connected I will put up the link in the skype conversation along with the session password. You click the link, enter the password and your name and you will be able to view my screen. There is nothing to download.


My commentary will be via Skype. Participants will be able to ask questions either by typing in the Skype group conversation or by using their own headset. I will have Skype open on another screen so I will be able to read questions and answer through the headset. To avoid people talking at once while I am trying to comment on the match/trade I would ask that people with headsets wait until I invite questions. Typed questions can be submitted at anytime and I will answer them as and when I can.


If for any reason I am unable to run an arranged session, any payments will ofcourse be refunded in full. I don’t aniticipate this happening often but I want people to know that there isn’t an issue with getting their payment back.


One to one sessions should be arranged via email, skype, PM on the forum etc.


There may be an option of booking a few sessions at once. In this case there will be a reduction in the overall price. Please contact me for details/queries.


I don’t know of anyone else doing this on tennis. Hopefully it will work well and people will find it useful. We won’t know until we try it!



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