Live Trading Sessions and also TradeShark Tennis is 1 year old!


As members or regular readers will know I run live trading sessions via skype. These sessions have been incredibly popular and the feedback has been very encouraging.

However from a service point of view the idea just doesn’t work. If I was to do 1 session every day it would take over 2 years to get through all the members. Potentially a two year waiting list for an hours live trading session! Totally unacceptable. Ofcourse not all members want to participate but you get the idea.

There are a lot of members who haven’t been able to take part in even one session which is what I mean about the idea not working.

For this reason I have decided to run webinars instead. This way more people can be involved more often which fits better with the reasons for setting up TradeShark Tennis in the first place.

I will be using Webex from Cisco. It seems ideal for the purpose. Sessions will be limited to approximately 20 participants as questions from any more whilst trading will fry my brain. The first 1 or 2 will be free, available only to TradeShark members, as I aren’t prepared to charge when i will be finding my way round the software. After that a small charge of perhaps £5 TO £10 per session.

The one to ones are still available but finding time for these has been very difficult.

I will be updating the links on the forum/blog/sales site to reflect these changes.



The blog and trading guide/service  have been going exactly 12 months. I can remember trying to get everything set up in time for Wimbledon last year. It was a bit of a rush but I got there although the spelling mistakes and general errors were embarrassing, especially when I had members pointing them out to me!

I never imagined it would take off the way it has. Whilst its an incredible juggling act to run everything and hold down a full time job and also find some time to actually trade myself,  this should get easier when my dream of trading full time becomes a reality at the end of this year.

The forum is growing steadily and the quality of the contributions makes it all worthwhile.

The chatroom is now well established and I’d like to thank the regulars who make the effort to be in there to share their experience.

I am also very proud that both the forum and chatroom have maintained the concept of “traders helping traders”. I layed down some basic rules when I opened the doors that I would not accept anyone being abusive and that if an experienced trader wasn’t prepared to help a new or inexperienced trader then they weren’t welcome.

Now we have a pleasant community to make the lonely life of the trader a lot more enjoyable. If you havent checked it out yet there you’re missing out!

Who knows where it will have taken us in the NEXT 12 months…….!

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  1. Hi Paul. Just like to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!! Sorry I`ve not been around for a while, other commitments, hopeing to get more time for tennis now.
    All the best.

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