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I have had a couple of emails today regarding the members chat room. These were no doubt prompted by the fact that a couple of other sites have set up chatrooms. They were asking for access to the chatroom without having to purchase the Guide.

Communities aren’t created in a day or two. There has been a chat room connected to this site for several years now. We get a mix of experience in the room and it has developed into a very supportive group where ideas, tips and advice are given freely. There will always be a percentage of people who don’t contribute in a chatroom but that percentage has dropped significantly this season and I believe that is due to everyone being made to feel they are on equal terms whether they are a full time trader or signed up last week.

I have had many comments that the chat is worth the £29 membership on its own and people have found it speeds up the learning process.

I am opening the chat to non TradeShark Tennis Members in time for the US Open.

There is a small fee of course of £9 per month. As we are in the business of finding value and the TradeShark Tennis membership is just £29 for lifetime access I know which one I would be going for but i like to give people options 🙂


Full membership plus the Trading Guide is £29 from

To sign up for the chat only go to the Chat Sign up Page or click the banner on the right of the blog.



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