Mercedes Cup Tues

Minar v Scheuttler

These two have never met before. Rankings of 63 and 82 would suggest we can expect a few mistakes and hopefully breaks of serve. Difficult to pick a winner although Schuettler has posted slightly better results so far this season so he would be my favourite.

However the market disagrees with me with Minar currently at 1.88 . Liquidity should be over 50K by the time the game starts and this one looks perfect for 15-40 or scalping.

I expect Schuettler to win in 3 or 2 very tight sets.

Update: Schuettler won 2-6,7-6, 6-4 . At the end of the first set I was wondering how I could put a positive slant on what was looking like a spectacularly shite tip! Schuettler didn’t show up for that first set but thankfully for my pride he remembered what his raquet was for in the next 2.

Fantastic match for either the 15-40 or the scalping methods with many breaks and swings in the price.

Tipsarevic v Hernandez

I would have this one closer than the market suggests.  Rankings are 79 and 56 with Hernandez being the market’s fave at 1.50 .

Tipsarevic won their only previous meeting but that was on a hard court. Hernandez is better on clay but I still think Tipsarevic will give him a tough match.

Hernandez to win in 2 close sets.

15-40 or Scalping methods are the ones to use here.

Update: Hernandez won 6-4, 6-4. Not many opportunities for 15-40 but scalping threw up a few 🙂

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