Metz – Semi Finals

13:00 – Mathieu v Kohlschreiber

Rankings are 27 and 23. Mathieu won their only previous meeting although that was 6 years ago on clay so virtually irrelevent.

Both men are very solid on serve but Kohlschreiber has been very impressive this week and is my favourite to take this one.

Back him on his serve. If you are confident with the strategy you could also back Mathieu on serve. Don’t stay in the market too long if one player looks like being broken.

Could be very tight.

Update: Unfortunately I was only able to trade the first set but what a set! Good serving from both players and some of the hitting was superb.

I backed Kohlschreiber on serve and Mathieu once on his serve. I had a feeling that Kohlschreiber was going to break so just stuck to his serve. I traded only on him and by the start of the tie break I was zero on Mathieu and +175 on Kohlschreiber. I didnt get involved in the tie break until very near the end and nicked a few ticks. I didn’t gren up until the end of the tie break so that the hedged figure would be higher due to the lower trading price of Kohlschreiber. Obviously if Mathieu had won the tie break my hedged figure would have been much lower .

Kohlscreiber took the second set and the match 6-4.

The screen shots show a breakdown of each trade. (The first trade is at the bottom.)




15:00 – Monfils v Gasquet

Rankings are 13 and 47. Head to heads are 2-1 in favour of Gasquet.

Monfils has been is great form recently and is strong favourite to move through to the final.

Back Monfils on serve and if he gets a lead let a back bet run to the end of the set. I expect Gasquet to put up a good fight but Monfils is destined for the title.

Update:Monfils won 6-4, 6-3. I was stuck in Tesco’s during most of the match so missed it!

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