Miami 2012 – Men’s Final

Djokovic v Murray:

I think this will be a fantastic match! The price on Djokovic seems way too low. He will be out for revenge for Murray beating him in Dubai.

Head to heads are 7-5 to Djokovic. Since they both hit the top 10 (July 2008) they have played 4 times in North America. Murray won all 4 matches.  Murray has won their last 5 best of 3 set matches on hard courts. They have met twice in the Oz Open and Djokovic won both matches ( best of 5 sets).

Djokovic played incredible first sets against Ferrer and Monaco. It wasn’t a surprise that his level fell away a little in the second sets but especially against Monaco he was struggling with his serve. If he is able to maintain the form he showed in the opening sets then Murray will have a huge task on his hands.

Murray had stomach problems earlier in the week but that seemed to be taken care of with a couple of pills. It didn’t stop him coming back from a set down against Tipsarevic. A minor problem Murray may have is that he hasn’t played since Wednesday as he had a walkover into the final when Nadal pulled out. However I’m sure Lendl faced that issue lots of times and will have structured the training sessions accordingly.

Murray seems to have been the last person in the world to realise that he gets more success when he plays aggressively. Against the very top players he often plants himself a metre behind the base line and relies on his chasing ability to keep him in matches. Lendl was a very attacking player and I have no doubt that it is his influence that has convinced Murray that it is best tactic to use the fantastic ground strokes that he is capable of.

This will be extremely close but I think it will be Murray’s day.

Update: You don’t beat the world number 1 with such a poor first serve %.

A better second set from Murray but seemed lacking in a little confidence ( probably due to the serve mis-firing)

Djokovic won 6-1, 7-6.

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  1. murray was ALL TIME worse, after being demolished 1-6 he was still defening many bp in 2nd.

    murray is at least 1 class lower than djokovic, nadal and federer.

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