Monday 11th June

As is often the case the day after a Grand Slam liquidity is low or at least slow to come into the markets. We still have the Men’s Final to complete so I won’t be posting trading picks today.

There are lots of matches around though so look out for the ones with decent money on. The Nadal/Djokovic match resumes at 12 noon and all the big money will be on that. The delay perhaps favoured Nadal as he had lost momentum yesterday losing 8 games in a row before he managed to hold in the last game before the play was suspended. His price looks a bit low but bear in mind Djokovic is capable of another slow start like the one he suffered at the start of the match.

Good luck.

Update: Well what a waste of a day! 3 of the 4 tournaments were rained off. Lets hope its a bit better tomorrow although the forcast for Birmingham and London don’t look much different to today.

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