Monday 1st April

Well the wedding went off fine. Some things you just don’t think about beforehand. Such as how to walk the bride down the aisle without treading on her gypsy weddingesque dress. Michelle didn’t want the train to be held so it was lifted as I moved my right leg in. But then of course as soon as we started walking I was standing on the dress. She did suggest we keep my right foot and her left foot together as we walked. Given that I am 6ft3 and she is 5ft3 the 3 legged race strategy was never going to work.  In the end there was no alternative to me holding the dress up from the floor discretely. Thankfully it wasn’t a long aisle.

Something else I hadn’t thought about was the marriage register and the fact that I would be asked my occupation. The registrar asked what Dad’s occupation was and after rapidly considering the options I gave Sports Analyst. He looked at me blankly. “It would take too long to explain”, I said. I have actually had a lot of practise over the last few days in explaining what it is I do now as I have seen family members from our side who we haven’t seen for years and also a lot of new family from the Groom’s side who I have never met before.

Anyway, back to the day job. I haven’t had much sleep over the last 3 days and obviously yesterday was pretty much non stop eating and drinking so I’ll ease myself back into it slowly.


Czink looks to have a decent chance against Johansson. Her SP is 1.65 which isn’t too tempting but if I can get her above evens I’ll be taking it.  Johansson has been in terrible form recently.

Update: Johansson serving aces! She had the firsts et all sewn up until she started to choke and ended up losing it! It was a tight match which Johansson came through to win.

Johansson won 5-7, 6-3, 7-5.


Mattek Sands starts as a 1.45 favourite against Rodionova. They are 1-1 on clay and I feel that this will be closer than the price suggests. Hopefully we get a chance to lay Sands between 1.25 and 1.30 .

Update: Well I said it would be close. Rodionova made the better start but was distracted by a poor umpiring decision. That was where the first set slipped away from her.

The next 2 sets were shared and both went to tie breaks.

Mattek Sands won 6-4, 6-7, 7-6.


Wickmayer‘s form has been as fragile as ever and as she starts today at 1.29 against Savinykh I feel that has to be a lay. Wickmayer needs her serve to firing for her to play her best tennis and the simple fact is that it hasn’t been.

Update: The initial lay worked well as it was Savinykh who took the opening set. Wickmayer came back to win in 3.

Wickmayer won 4-6, 6-1, 6-4.

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2 thoughts on “Monday 1st April”

  1. Sports analyst, had not thought of that. I mean I work in the financial market when asked. If you ask me details, I also say it’s complicated to explain. Analyst sports on the financial market would be even stranger for the listener.

    Work more with the ATP circuit, but I’m also tweaking the WTA circuit, which by numerous oscillations is very good.

    1. I think you just need something that sounds like a “proper” or “normal” job. When you get asked that question in a social setting quite often they don’t really care what the reply is. Theyre just being polite. Occasionally you do get someone who asks more about it which can mean they have an interest in sport and/or betting.

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