Monday 31st – Betfair maintenance

Betfair haven’t committed themselves on what time their routine work will be completed by. This could mean that maybe traders will take the day off although  I would imagine Betfair will be attempting to get everything back in time for the first horse race which I’m guessing is around 1pm.

There are no matches listed before noon so I will be monitoring the api in the morning. I’ll probably use the market for the Sri Lanka v West Indies ODI cricket match.

Whilst I won’t be posting any games for tomorrow I will be in the chatroom if anyone is looking for an opinion on any of the afternoon’s games. The chatroom was popular during the Murray/Djokovic final. I wasn’t really monitoring the numbers but I saw at least 40 in there which was great to see.

Update: Well they did it again. Betfair do maintenance or an upgrade or whatever it was supposed to be and they screw everything up for the entire day. Things seemed to be back in the early afternoon but the api clearly wasn’t right as the prices were jumping around everywhere on the toy. Someone in the chatroom said Bet Angel was ok so I downloaded the free trial. Wish I hadn’t bothered! I have never used it before and I have to say it wasn’t a good first impression  ( sorry Peter if you read this, I know you sometimes do! ) Its probably just a case of getting used to it and I was in a hurry to get some trading done. I had used it with small stakes for half an hour or so and I saw an opportunity that was too good to miss. I intended laying and I had it spot on. The price shot up. Unfortunately I didnt realise for a couple of minutes that I had in fact backed! I should have traded out for around -£150 but foolishly let it go as the player I had backed was a break up. Ofcourse he lost and took a days profits with him.

I managed to get most of it back before the api went completely awol but what a frustrating day.

They’d better have it back working tomorrow. I have some catching up to do 🙁

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1 thought on “Monday 31st – Betfair maintenance”

  1. TS

    For your info this also effected the API on centaur. I tried to trade a couple of games and just gave up. On one game it took my back trade but come hell or high water I couldn’t get my lay trade on. even attempted betfair itself but no joy. Ended up just turning off and actually talking to the wife lol Keep up the excellent work.


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