Monday’s games…..

Happy New Year!!

It looks like the tennis traders are still full of turkey as liquidity has been terrible so far. Some games are attracting money after the start but the majority are still too low for me.

I stayed up until around 1:30 this morning to see if there was anything worth a go but decided to leave it and hope that the daytime games might offer some opportunities.

I’ve kept my brain ticking over with the India South Africa Test match and will be looking at the Chennai matches after lunch.

I won’t post about individual matches today as I think its just a case of montitoring the liquidity and picking matches that seem popular with traders.

There are some big names in action. Roddick’s game attracted 200k against a no hoper so hopefully the matches with Cilic, Tipsarevic and Davydenko will allow us to get back into the swing of things.

Looks like my lay of the draw in the cricket was a good one so thats the wages taken care of 😉

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