Murray wins 3rd place in BBC Sports Personality of the Year 2012

I didn’t watch it live last night. When an event is hyped as much as this seems to have been I have an intense stubborn streak that kicks in. I decided to watch the recording on Iplayer so I could forward through the more boring bits.

Thats not to take anything away from the achievements of the sports men and women involved and in a year that had the Olympics in our country was Andy Murray ever really in the running? To a great number of the British public tennis is something that’s played for 2 weeks once a year and makes the price of strawberries go up. Maybe if Murray had also won that Wimbledon final as well as taking Olympic gold and then following up with the US Open to finally get that first Grand Slam title he might have been in with a chance.

Another thing that works against Murray is that it  is the BBC Sports Personality award.  In 2012 he has shown more of his personality than we have seen before but in press conferences and TV appearances he still comes across as being a bit like Harry Enfield’s “Kevin” character ( he’s also ginger!). In last night’s SPotY show and also his interview with Sue Barket after the Wimbledon final you get the sense that the British public WANT to like Murray and respond strongly any time he gives them a bit more of himself. He just needs to give a lot more.



In sporting terms have Wiggins or Ennis achieved more than Murray this year? Not really but the British love characters. Ennis is an attractive bubbly girl who always seems to be smiling and Wiggins is a cheeky-chappy-geezer-cockney type guy that this country love.

We hear about break through seasons in tennis a lot. Of course that doesn’t apply to Murray’s 2012 in the usual sense of the term. He has been in the top 5 in the world since 2008 but this year has seen him show that he can compete with the top players on the very biggest stages. For the first time his goal of reaching world number 1 doesn’t seem impossible. ( He briefly reached number 2 in August 2009 ).

So well done to Murray for winning third place last night and of course congratulations to runner up Ennis and winner Wiggins. Maybe Murray will win it one year but I suspect he would have to have reached world number 1 and hold all 4 Grand Slams at the same time. Oh and a chat show on prime time Saturday night TV and winning I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here. Maybe, just maybe.


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