Nearly over for another year

Well that’s almost it for the tennis this season. We have the Davis Cup Final starting this Friday and some dubious “Clash of the Continents” exhibition event from Singapore which runs for the 24th and 25th of November. Whether Betfair cover it remains to be seen. Nishikori (retired in Paris), Mardy Fish ( season took a serious nose dive), Tipsarevic (seriously?) and Monaco will “battle” it out. Err I think I’m washing my hair that weekend.

For me it’s been a much more comfortable season and certainly my best since turning full time 2 and a half years ago.  For the rest of the year I will be looking at the football and cricket. I read on another blog almost a criticism of tennis traders that switch to other sports at the end of the season. 6 weeks is a long time to take off and while some may be in a position to go travelling etc those of us with families don’t have that option. My wife works in a care home and the elderly and sick still need nursing just the same as at any other time of year. In fact my wife will be working Christmas day. I will be working considerably fewer hours but I aren’t one to sit around doing nothing.

The blogging world seems to have gone a bit “preachy” over the last 12 months which in my opinion doesn’t make good reading.  As bloggers we are tiny fish in a tiny pond and the moment we start to think we are anything other than that we have put a foot on that slippery slope.

If anyone has any recommendations for good trading related blogs I would welcome them as I will be revisiting my Blogroll. If your blog is on there and you haven’t updated it for a while  then expect to have the link removed.

The decision to make the chatroom members only has proved to be a very good one and I would now say that we have a core of excellent traders both full time and newbies who combine to make a friendly place to help each other out during the matches. Any current members who haven’t tried the chat are really wasting a useful resource and for anyone thinking of buying the beginners Tennis  Trading Guide then I would say that access to the chat room is worth the one-off £29 on its own.

There will probably be the occasional blog post over the next 6 weeks and i’ll put a count down clock to the first event in January but I will probably be posting mainly on the Facebook page as its a little less formal. I do intend to make content visible only to people who “Like” the page ( if I can figure it out! ) so please do so if you want to join in.  . By the way the facebook page has recently moved. I was contacted by a financial trader in Florida who uses Tradeshark as a nickname ( in fact he had registered in 2009 ) and he was very keen to have the facebook name. As it turned out he was VERY keen 😉

I am up to 1300 followers on twitter. Its more for one liners but there are also a lot of very good tipsters on there especially for the football and cricket. If you don’t follow me already please feel free to!  @trade_shark

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    1. The trick is to ask for a link exchange. My mind reading skills aren’t perhaps what they ought to be 😉

  1. What to do with the little boy from Center Court trading? He sees your blog post in a form of attack. Just ignore him, don’t put you feelings in.

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