New Forum update

Day 4 in the Big Brother House……..

Going great so far. over 80 people have signed up to our new forum. The posts are starting to flow nicely. I even found a way to get round the uploading Avatars problem 🙂

Daily tennis tipping contest – who will win the Top Tipper badge?

Really friendly atmosphere so far. Newbie qustions section. Introductions section.

Traders of all sports are most welcome.

If you haven’t signed up yet – what are you waiting for??? The link is at the top of the blog 🙂



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2 thoughts on “New Forum update”

  1. HI Tradeshark , have been trying to join your forum , have rdgistered , no password yet can you help please

    thank you


    1. Hi Roger. They get sent out automatically but if you email me at with your required user name and password I can add you manually. You can then change your password once you’re in

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