New page added to the members area

I have added a page about the changes in the tennis markets and how to deal with those changes. I’ll add some screen shots when relevent markets are available tomorrow.

    Trading Guide

5 thoughts on “New page added to the members area”

    1. Look in the information menu. Second item down. Has a yellow “NEW” next to it!

      1. Omething is wrong, dont have it
        Information (white)
        Beginners Guide (red)
        General Advice (red)
        Stake Size and mm (red)
        Trading rule (red)

        …(all red)

        1. You must be viewing a cached version. You need to clear your browser’s cache. It is below Beginners Guide – how to get the best from TST. The actual link is also in red like the others but the word NEW is next to it in yellow

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