New Slamtracker for Wimbledon

Still by IBM so hopefully as fast as previously..


Update: Don’t bother with this. Completely useless!! Why they messed with it i don’t know  🙁

Here’s the feedback form for . Let them know what you think of the new scoareboard.

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6 thoughts on “New Slamtracker for Wimbledon”

    1. There is a contact form on their website. Make sure you send a comment to them.

      I assumed it would work well so it threw me off balance a little this morning.

  1. shame on Wimbledon… biggest tournament with WORST scoreboard.

    much better to use Bet365 scoreboard, is faster.

    all slams had slamtracker (last RG also), but here they did 1 big step behind. Sad.

  2. Can’t find SQUAT ~~ Having missed half the match … I FINALLY got a TOTALLY INFERIOR set up
    ~~~ What was wrong with the old IBM Slam-tracker that they felt they had to change it?
    Can’t find Tuesday’s schedule… But then again everything – but the covered Centre Court shall probably be RAINED-OUT.

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