New Vid delayed 24 hrs

The video from the Bell Challenger Final is 90% done but won’t be uploaded until this evening. Apologies for that but i ran out of time. These vids take longer than you’d imagine to produce.


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2 thoughts on “New Vid delayed 24 hrs”

  1. Don’t worry, it in fact takes more time than it seems, but we’ll patiently wait for it.

    Thanks for your great job and sharing.


    1. Hi, Thanks! The vids could be thrown together a bit quicker but I tend to be quite picky while editing. I take out a great deal of the recording where its a gap in the match and the players are sitting down. Also if nothing is happening and no trades going in I often cut those bits out. The original vid was over 2 and a half hours. I wouldn’t expect anyone to sit through all that!

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