New Year’s Eve 2012

It’s good to get the first night shift out of the way. Over the years whether it was for trading purposes or for a “normal” job if I worked nights the transition from days to nights has always been a tough one for me as no matter how hard I try I just can’t sleep during the day when I have slept the previous night. The result of that is that I just stay up to do the night shift and end up trying to function having been up for over 24 hours. Last night was no different and by 3 or 4am I was really struggling. I grabbed an hours sleep between 4 and 5am but it didn’t make any difference.

Despite that it was a decent night and even though liquidity was poor over all there were a great number of excellent trading opportunities. The tennis wasn’t of a particularly high standard but that is to be expected at this early stage.

As expected the liquidity after 8am was much better and I am toying with the idea of not doing the full night shift tonight and trading the Chennai and Doha matches. However there are some fantastic matches in the WTA events during the night.

For me personally I don’t have the choice between  trading or going to a New years party as my wife is working until 10pm tonight and is then back at work at 7am tomorrow morning. My options are do I sleep tonight or trade and hope that there are enough enthusiastic tennis fans as well as enthusiastic traders to give enough liquidity. Another factor is that now I have done that first night shift it makes sense to keep my body clock adjustment as it is.

So the plan is to try to trade the night shift again. If it really is pointless and the liquidity is less than last night which is of course a possibility then I will make the decision to make do with the morning matches. But with matches such as Watson v Cirstea, Errani v Hantuchova and Robson v Niculescu I’d like to trade them. All those 3 matches are on the extremities of the night shift so I am, as ever, hopeful.

I will post some thoughts on the upcoming matches a little later this afternoon/evening.

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