No Tennis next week

There are Challenger events on but Betfair don’t cover those so we have nothing until the World Tour Finals.

Next week there’s a little cricket and a full programme of football and racing that hopefully will bring a few opportunities.

If you haven’t yet bought the Tennis Trading Guide then you would have this week to go through the content before giving the methods a try for the Tour Finals and the Davis Cup final. Then we start again in January.

I will be updating my plans for the tipping service and that will appear on the forum.

Get in touch with any questions, queries or suggestions.

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4 thoughts on “No Tennis next week”

  1. Don’t forget the Challenger Tour Finals TradeShark! Surely Betunfair and The Daq will get markets up for that, especially if we all get emailing them.

    1. Those will be the Challenger games I mentioned 🙂

      You seem to be under the impression Betfair take any notice of their customers. There’s a chance at Betdaq I suppose.

  2. You’re right, I emailed them over a week ago – the only response I’ve had is a customer servive questionnaire! You can guess what I wrote on that!

  3. tennis markets at Betdaq are still DEAD, betfair without any big alternative is still fakin monopolist with new and new premium charges… i hate monopolists

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