Not long now!

15 sleeps!!

Well, that’s to the new season. 8 sleeps to Christmas 😉

So how do we keep our brains occupied until then? There are cricket matches on, in particular the KFC Big Bash T20 league in Australia. There have been a couple of matches so far with the next 2 being tomorrow morning from 7am. The games so far have brought in some decent profits so well worth a look. Live video on Bet365 too!

There is snooker, darts and football. NFL on Sunday evenings can be interesting and great for trading. There has even been some women’s handball on with great liquidity and live video, also on Bet365!

But these are  just distractions to to get us to the new tennis season. the chatroom will get back into full swing again. Just the 3 musketeers in there with their football bets at the moment!

If you haven’t tried tennis trading yet its a great time to join us. You will pick up lots of information in the chatroom, especially during the matches. A small number of people seemed to be under the impression that its a trading room where you can copy other people’s trades. That isn’t the case. Opinions and tips are exchanged and shared and people will often post their reasons for their trades which can be invaluable to new traders. There are  many full time traders who use the room and all are happy to give advice.

The next 2 weeks could be spent going through the extensive information in my Trading Guide so you can hit the road running in January with the help of the forum, chatroom and of course me!

If trading isn’t for you there is the Punting Tips Service which starts for the new season.

    Trading Guide