One of those days

Today just keeps getting better and better.

As if its not enough that I have to deal with ignorant knobs who think that they can have a go and think I won’t say anything back and people who haven’t the first idea what they are talking about criticising how I deal with it, I got a Skype message from Darren Hall at Bet72 to let me know about some twat who is blantantly selling my guide for himself. Hasn’t even changed the name.

Url removed: I have just been informed that the download link contains malware. People who download it deserve everything they get 🙂

Both the  blogger site and the youtube video have been reported.

If I get through the day without burying someone it will be an achievement. At least the trading went well!


Message to self: Don’t let the fuckers grind you down………

2019 EDIT: Haha I used to get quite wound up by things like this. Not easy when you’re new to the online world but best kept away from the site.

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9 thoughts on “One of those days”

  1. such fuckers are just another lesson from God to keep emotions calm, cause emotions are key to success in trading 😀

    take his IP and ban him.

    Add “Copyright” to site footer.

  2. Just keep doing what you do Paul as its appreciated by alot of people and ignore the knockers as they are all big sitting behind a keyboard

  3. Hi ts

    Yeah maybe its not worth the risk. Probably is OK though, seems he was selling it a while back but i suppose lack of sales made he think ah fuck it i’ll just give it away for free. I’ll wait and see if anyone else downloads for now.


    1. Seriously? Some of you guys seem to live in some odd dimension that makes no sense.
      He is charging for it. Read the whole page. You have to pay him for the password.

      Unfortunately people like yourself let these lowlife’s get away with it.

  4. Hi TS

    The way i read it he was charging for 25 euros last March but since the 4th of this month it has been free if you participate in a “survey”. Not sure what he stands to benefit from a survey unless it asks for your bank details LOL, all adds to the intrigue though.


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