Oz Open – Week 1, Monday night

Midnight – Tomic v Chardy

Rankings are 209 and 44. They haven’t played before.

in 2010 Chardy had a period of form where his confidence was sky high and he took some big scalps. However he ended the year poorly and has yet to win a set in 2011.

Chardy doesn’t usually start the season well and this time last year he had also lost his 2 matches prior to the Oz Open. He went out in the first round.

Tomic will have the vociferous home crowd right behind him. They don’t have too much to cheer for in the mens draw other than Hewitt. The Aussie is just 18 and potentially a great talent for the future. He has been attacked by the Australan press for some poor performances and upset a few peope last  year when he criticised tournament organiisers for scheduling his match against Cilic so late. The players left the court at 2am.

Chardy will need to be on top form for this one but has shown little sign of that recently. If this was being played anywhere other than Australia I would have the Frenchman as slight favourite but home advantage is massive in this match.

The players start at evens on Betfair. Backing either player fom th start is risky. I recommend waiting for  a couple of games to see how the players start. If Chardy isn’t up for the fight right from the first game then Tomic is my favourite.

If Chardy gets his serve going fom the start then he is worth backing on serve but be careful. He has looked unmotivated in 2011.

Once Tomic has settled then a reduced stake back of him is an option, increasing the stake after he breaks.

Its a tall order for the kid to beat an experienced player over 5 sets but its also a great chance to enhance his situation and to show he can perform on the big stage.

I think Tomic will take the match. Its worth noting that he has played 2 first round matches her in the past and won both of them.

Update: Chardy’s lack of form continues. For the first 3 or 4 games is was difficult to make out who was on top. After that Tomic seemed to be slightly stronger.

Tomic won 6-3, 6-2, 7-6.



10:00 – Nalbandian v Hewitt

Rankings are 21 and 54. Head to heads are 3-2 to Hewitt although Nalbandian has won the last 2 .

This match has the potential to be an amazing spectacle. Two firey talented players who hate each other and the loud Aussie crowd will add a bit of spice to the occasion.

Nalbandian played some very solid tennis last week but then couldn’t perform in the final. He needs to be at the top of his game to beat Hewitt in front of an Aussie crowd.

Hewitt won last week in the Kooyong tournament which wasn’t highly competitive but showed he is in great form.

Home advantage gives Hewitt the edge. Lay Nalbandian from the start.

Update: I couldn’t keep my eyes open and went to bed before this one started. I’m gutted to have missed the predicted classic.

Nalbandian won 3-6, 6-4, 3-6, 7-6, 9-7.

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