Oz Open – Week 2, Sunday night

03:00 – Melzer v Murray

Rankings are 11 and 5. Head to heads are 4-0 to Murray.

Murray has been in great form so far. How often do we say this about him in majors? He starts aggressively and the press start asking is this his tournament. Then in the second week he loses to someone who we all expected him to walk over.

Melzer showed in the Shanghai Masters when he beat Nadal that if he is really on his game he can beat anyone. That wasn’t an injured Nadal but more a fantastic performance from Melzer.

The head to head suggests that Murray will win but the starting price of 1.15 seems crazy. Melzer has the potential to trouble Murray and for me that price is screaming to be layed from the start.

Over 5 sets I think Murray will win but as a Melzer fan I hope we see  a tight match. For Melzer to have a chance he has to be aggressive from the first point.

Update: Melzer started positivelybut it was actually a superb match by Murray who won 6-3, 6-1, 6-1.




Unfortunately my other game will overlap with the Murray game. I wont put up  a full post on it but having seen Raonic against Youzhny I have to advise laying him tonight against Ferrer.

I don’t think Ferrer will take so long to get to grips with the serve but as they have never played its the first time he’s faced the rockets.

Update: Raonic took the first set but as expected it was Ferrer who came through the match as the winner 4-6, 6-2, 6-3, 6-4.

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2 thoughts on “Oz Open – Week 2, Sunday night”

  1. I don’t like Melzer, but the price on Murray was crazy – I hope you’ve hedged for a profit when Melzer started strong 😉

    1. I got out with a couple of ticks loss. I didn’t expct Murray to dominate quite as much as he did

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