Pilot Pen Tennis – Final

Querrey v Verdasco

I THINK this match starts at midnight but its been tough to know whats going on with this tournament!

They havent met before. Rankings are 23 and 10. Both semi finals were dominated by serve as expected and this will be the same. I expect Verdasco to come out on top and I’ll be trading on his serve.

Could be a tight match and tie breaks are likely.

Update: It turned into quite a good final! I  started by backing Verdasco on his serve and then backed him when he was 30-0 against serve in the next game. Even though Querrey came back to 40-40 I lt the back bet run as I had a strong opinion that Verdasco was goig to win the match. As it turned out he broke serve and then broke again in Querrey’s next service game to go 4-1 up. I held my nerve as Querrey pulled a break back but Verdasco held on to win the first set 6-4. Verdasco broke early i the second set and I greened up for £98. I stopped trading then as the price were sub 1.10 and I was happy with the profit.

Querrey came back to take the set to a tie break and looked like taking it but Verdasco managed to pull him back to take the set and the title.

I have recorded my trading on this match and will put the video on the members site tomorrow ( well, today really as its 2am! )


Verdasco v Querrey Final
Verdasco v Querrey Final


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