Proposed changes to the chatroom

I have started a thread on the forum about some changes that I am thinking about for the chatroom.

If you use the chat please read the thread. If you don’t then you may lose access to the chat 🙂

Feedback on the forum thread please.

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2 thoughts on “Proposed changes to the chatroom”

  1. I think i am guilty of watching and listening in the chat room rather than getting involved , i read your site everyday and your piece on the day of a trader and what you do was great , invite only from my point of view would depend on how difficult it was to get invited and if you had to get invited everytime you wanted to go in chat room , as trying to learn to trade is sometimes lonely enough without trying to keep getting invited before you can get in the chat room , saying all that you must have your reasons for thinking about this and will be happy to go with what you deceid and hopefully i will be invited 🙂

    1. Hi Roger
      Thats a good point. No you would only need one invite and I wont be making it difficult at all for people who genuinely want to use the chat. Contribution to the chat isn’t essential although obviously the more who do contribute the better the chat is for everyone. I will add some more info to the thread on the forum.

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