Q and A session: Excellent turnout

EDIT: Only 1 person has contacted me regarding another chat session so I can only assume that I have answered people’s questions. Feel free to email me with any more that may come to you. 


Tonight’s chat session proved more popular than I had expected. As there was Europa League football on I would have been happy if 5 or 6 people had turned up so it was great to see around 30 people in there.

The session ran for about an hour and a half. Mixed in with the usual questions that get asked were some more original ones and hopefully I answered them to everyone’s satisfaction! 

If you were hoping to attend but the time or day wasn’t suitable please drop me an email as I am more than happy to do a couple more sessions if people are interested.



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1 thought on “Q and A session: Excellent turnout”

  1. Good chat session with great support and efort by TS to answer all questions (some times wasn´t easy)!
    I recomend!

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