Q and A session – Thursday 6th Dec

I am getting a lot of emails from current and potentially new members about my Trading Guide and service and also about tennis trading in general. I think a Q and A session ( or sessions) might be useful.

The first will be at 7pm UK time this Thursday. It is open to everyone and will last approx 1 to 1.5 hours. Please come along with any questions you may have and I will do my best to answerr them. any questions that need a detailed, lengthy response will be rplied to via email so we can get through as many questions durin the session as possible.

Please use the following link to access the room – Q and A CHAT


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2 thoughts on “Q and A session – Thursday 6th Dec”

  1. Just wondering which trading strategies you use most often, to the greatest effect? I realise it probably varies game by game, but do you do most of your trading on the winner, or more on any of the strategies you have highlighted in your guide?


    1. Hi George,
      In the Guide I have split trading down into smaller, easier to learn segments. When you’re more experienced you match your action to the match situation. It is unlikely that I would use just one of the strategies in a match.
      I tend to look for value entries based on my opinion of who will win the next set

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