Queens Club – Final

Nalbandian v Cilic:

This hasn’t been the most exciting tournament I have ever seen. Totally dominated by serve in most cases.

The final gives us a good returner against  good server. Cilic’s record in finals is poor but his form over the last few months has been excellent. His serve has got him out of trouble more than once this week.

Nalbandian has had a tough week with the rain meaning he had to play 2 matches on the same day and both of them going to 3 sets. I felt this would sap his energy for the semi final with Dimitrov but David “Duracell” Nalbandian came through in straight sets.

If Nalbandian can get the ball back in play on the Cilic serve he can out-rally his opponent but thats easier said than done. Long rallies don’t favour Nalbandian in the long run as even he has limited energy reserves.

Cilic has played 8 sets this week. Nalbandian has played 13 with 7 of them being in the last 2 days.

This should be close but on grass I have to go with the bigger serve.

Cilic to win in 3.

Update: How bizarre but I have to say one of the funniest things I have seen on a tennis court. Obviously we hope the linesman is ok but his dive onto the grass several seconds after the incident would have looked more at home on a South American football pitch.

Cilic made a terrible start and nalbandian was playing really well. The Argentinian was in control and was close to taking a 3-0 lead. Cilic then found some form and pulled back to take the set into a tie break that Nalbandian won.

An early break by Cilic was pulled back by Nalbandian. At 3-3 Cilic again broke his opponent’s serve and as his final shot of that game ( and as it turned out, his last shot of the final) Nalbandian kicked the small advertising board that surrounded the chair of one of the lines judges. The board broke and injured the lines judges leg.

Cilic was awarded the match by default.

In an on court interview after the presentation ceremony Nalbandian told Sue Barker that he had made a mistake but that the ATP also make lots of mistakes and there are too many rules.

If you haven’t seen it have a look at the video. He was probably lucky not to get arrested! Ah but no, hang on. Its the ATP’s fault he can’t control himself.



Cilic won 6-7, 4-3(default)


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  1. Hahaha, I wonder what was happening to the market on betfair some seconds after the incident. Or was market automatically suspended at the moment of incident to chase away too much speculation, because people mostly didn’t knew what will happen (things like that are really, really rare), because if you backed Nalbandian at that point or some moments before you really could get bust if you were not expecting that Nalbandian will be disqualified and just stayed in at your position.

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