Relaxing December? No chance.

Over the last season my blog posts have changed a little. They are now very much to the point with little or no fluff and padding. Just the information that you need to trade the match. The big matches will still get more detail but the feedback I have had is that people like the new functional format.

Other feedback is that readers don’t just want the trading match previews. They want more “A day in the life” type posts.  There’s only so many of those that I can do but posting about other aspects of life all adds up to what its like working for yourself as a trader. So I have set up a “Diary” category. I guess it might be useful if I ever get around to recording this journey in a book 😉


2015 – Tough season

It has been a tough year. A good one but it has been hard work.  The Trading Advice email was a lot of work but I am a big believer in routines and once I fine tuned mine for getting this document done it became easier. It has also helped my own trading to research every match. In the past I have dismissed some matches that looked one sided and it is now clear that I have missed a trick or three.


The great response that I have had from most subscribers has been very encouraging too and the service will continue in 2016. A small number didn’t recognise the value but, hey, you can’t please everyone and I gave up trying to do that a long time ago.


I was looking forward to taking December off. To be fair I have slowed down a great deal and am having some rest but I should have known it wouldn’t be all feet up and day time TV.

Our Daughter set up her own cleaning business a short time ago. She managed to get a contract to clean a private nursery in Worcester. She had someone lined up to do the shifts there but they let her down.  She asked me if I could help her out until she gets someone.  So I am now cleaning a nursery Monday to Friday plus a few other shifts elsewhere!

She needs to work on her negotiating skills as she has agreed to get too much done in 2 hours. The owner of the nursery set it up in her own home, a huge house on a very affluent street. She had been doing the cleaning herself and some nights wasn’t getting finished until 2am. Having spoken with the owner I found out she never expected everything to be done in 2 hours. Initially she told me that whatever I couldn’t get done she would finish. I just took that as a challenge.

I have had to manage the owner’s expectations that she is very unlikely to get everything done when someone else takes over. At least I have given a good first impression for my daughter’s business and she has had a couple of recommendations from it already. I actually quite enjoy it. It’s a great workout! They have also asked me to play Santa at the kids Christmas party! That should be an experience.

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