Running your own forum – Is it worth the effort?

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So the blog was ticking over nicely and people were signing up for the Trading Guide. What now?


As I have said before I use the Racing Traders forum and have done for over a year. By this time it was a shadow of the forum that I  joined.  What had caused that? Take your pick of the reasons. Probably the biggest problem was that the forum was starting to be used more and more to sell various services and products. Were they right to let  this happen? In my opinion, no. The forum was there for people to learn how to trade. Somewhere to go to ask that question that you just couldn’t find the answer to.


Now I have had a couple of people tell me that I can’t say anything against the ebook sellers because I was selling one myself.  Agreed, I was selling the Trading Guide. Its a website, not an ebook ( how many more times?) but the important thing to remember is that I never tried to sell it on the forum. Most of the forum users realised this and a few even said so in their posts.


However there will always be people out there who just love to criticise. Its one of the reasons that this country will only ever have occasional success in sports (and other areas). We find someone who is above the average standard and they are seen as arrogant. Rather than seeing what this other person is starting to achieve and using that as an incentive to work a little harder to get to that same level my fellow Englishmen find it preferable to try to pull the other guy down to their own level. It requires less effort and that is what our country has become. A place where the minimum effort is acceptable.


There were people on the RT forum who took exception to the leeches who were “preying on the newbies”. I can understand where they are coming from but a handful took it to almost fanatical extremes. They became self proclaimed vigilantes protecting the new traders from the evil system sellers and paltalk bandits.


Some of more easily led forumites became almost like rabid dogs and, desperate to score points so they would be cheered on by their mates they would launch incredible attacks on anyone  who poked their head above the trench. Quite sad when people can’t distinguish between online and offline. Fantasy land and the real world.


So, being one of the blood sucking leeches, I came in for limited abuse. I would have PM’s threatening to put me in hospital ( they were welcome to try). I would have people sending comments to the blog saying I was a complete fraud and should tell everyone that my tips and strategies were crap.


“15-40? HA! People are laughing at you. Do you know there are people out there who hate you?”. 


 I am sure there are but as long as it isn’t my family or people I respect then who gives a monkey’s?


There were people who had actually tried  to promote the blog and trading guide for me on the forum (without being asked to) yet a little further along the line they were criticising me for being one of the leeches. Sorry but its hard to take people like that seriously. Be a pratt. Be a gent.  Be a bloody saint. Whatever. Just be consistent.


Funnily enough there are people who have been quick to criticise my service and guide and actually haven’t read it! One or two have been given a copy so they can make a judgement based on fact and strangely enough they change their opinion. But as their mates would throw them out of the RDC ( Rabid Dogs Club) they naturally won’t say that on any of the forums.


One particular individual who threatened me with hospital and sent bogus comments and emails to me has since bought the trading guide. You couldn’t make this shit up.


Anyway I have moved a little off topic. The fall out between The Geek and Adam Todd had progressed beyond repair and TG set up his own forum. He took with him all the leech haters and they spent all their time throwing stones at anything on RT forum. As a result the traders stopped posting.


Prior to the split into 2 forums I had tried to restore a little order over at the RT forum. I posted my intent to try to enforce the forum rules and asked for people to help. A few people agreed with what I was doing (until I had to ask them to modify their behaviour!) but no one helped me. Eventually, Webmonkey (Lee) did step in and tried to help. At the end of the day I was little more than a forum user so he had the ability and access to be able to do more than I could. Quickly it bacame clear that a small group of individuals wouldn’t allow the forum to get back to how it used to be.  Sadly I had to accept that I couldn’t get it back to how it was.


The problems on the RT forum could have been sorted quite easily if more control had been used when things started to go wrong. I kept hearing that Adam Todd actually liked all the fighting on there as it would increase traffic and the sales would go up. I guess he has paid the  price for that poor judgement.


But I didn’t want to give up on having a forum where traders helped traders. There wasn’t one out there so I had one option. Start my own. Would anyone use it though? How sad would it be if I set one up and then sat in there on my own? I posted the question on the blog to gauge the interest and got a poor response. Its a real shame as a blog writer that so many people read it but don’t contribute. Always nice to know you’re not talking to yourself!


If you asked people who know me to come up with a few words to describe me then stubborn would be high on the list. Tell me I can’t do something and I will do it – eventually. Tell me something just won’t work and I’ll make it work or die trying as long as I believe in it.


So I tried a few forum programs. I tried, I think, 4 other pieces of software before I found the one I currently use. There were so many options that needed to be set and it seemed that changing one would change another 3. Muppet from the forum is always happy to help and he was my guinea pig, along with Streetlight.


One of the first things I did was to post a simple set of rules. The forum would be for trading. Traders helping traders and in particular helping new traders. If anyone posts a “simple” question on the forum and they are made fun of or put down in any way it won’t be tolerated. Any trader, I don’t care who they are, who isn’t prepared to help others isn’t welcome on my forum. Haven’t had to ban anyone yet and the forum has a good feel. Hopefully it will keep growing.


The chatroom was added after a suggestion from Silk, one of our football traders. Its there for anyone to use and the Sunday night chat sessions have been quite popular and very enjoyable. The idea being that often a question can be answered better in a chatroom rather than in several emails.


The forum is a little quiet at the moment which is to be expected as the tennis has just about finished until January. It gives me a little time to work on some new strategies and plan the Skype training sessions that will be starting next season. In these sessions you will be able to watch my desktop live as I am trading a match and I will explain my thoughts over a headset. Its the next best thing to sitting next to me at my desk!


Lots to look forward to in 2010.


If you have joined the forum and not posted yet, why not post an introduction on the newbies section? Just say hello. The first post is often the hardest. You’ll find that you get a warm welcome.


If you read the forum but haven’t joined let me finish off with this thought….


Trading and especially learning to trade is a lonely passtime. A forum is a great way to talk about your experiences and ask your questions. In time you could have the answer that someone else is looking for. Trust me when I say its a great feeling when you can help someone.


However the forum will only be as good or bad as you make it. You have to put something in to get the best out of it. If you simply read the posts and move on you are missing out on one of the best ways to develop your trading skills.


Get involved.

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6 thoughts on “Running your own forum – Is it worth the effort?”

  1. “Trading and especially learning to trade is a lonely passtime. A forum is a great way to talk about your experiences and ask your questions. In time you could have the answer that someone else is looking for. Trust me when I say its a great feeling when you can help someone”

    Exactly right. I’ve been suprised by the number of blogs and forums out there and read as many as I can as I feel part of a community where many people are trying to make a life outside of the daily grind being helped by some really great people who give encouragement and advice. Special mention to Bazbaz on the Geeks forum and The Millionaire Fund blog and postings on the Geeks forum.

  2. Have to agree with you there sjd,bazbaz write ups on the geeks forum are a cracking read.As for the forum ts,Yes it is worth the effort.Dont think i have come across a forum where people/traders actually want to help the newbies,refreshing to say the least,keep up the good work,love the vids plenty to look at over crimbo.Rather than watching the dross they call t.v.look forward to earning a few quid in 2010.

  3. great post mate, ”Running your own forum – Is it worth the effort?” think you already know the answer to that.

  4. Excellent post Paul.

    I used the end of the tennis season as an excuse to go away for a week’s holiday, so now I’m back refreshed and ready to start thinking about strategies for the new season.

    To be honest, I think this is the only forum any of us need when it comes to trading strategies. Lots of intelligent discussion and everyone seems to want to talk trading and swap ideas rather than swap insults. Long may it continue.

    1. Thanks for the comments guys. I still get the odd one that will never make it through moderation from people who haven’t seen the guide, have never spoken to me about the service, yet still feel qualified to tell me i’m still talking shit and selling my crap to suckers. Just goes to prove my point really 🙂

      I keep offerig these guys a copy of the guide and a chat about the service I offer but, strangely, they never take me up on it. Ofcourse some of them can’t be contacted as they use bogus email addresses but i’d like to thank them for taking the time to read my posts. Keep up the good work 🙂

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