Shark Tips Results for 2016 and looking forward to 2017

So the 2016 drew to a close last night with the Davis Cup final and the last of the Challenger tournaments.

The Shark Tips are straight betting picks. They brought a profit for the year but as I have mentioned in previous posts and also the video update the selection process has been over hauled by a discovery I made half way through the year.

The service returned 4 losing months and 7 winning months. By far the worst month was May with a loss of 21 units. The other 3 losing months were March (-1.73), April (-8.76) and June (-2.99).

By the end of June I was pretty pissed off to say the least with 4 consecutive negative months and had started looking for something to turn things in my favour.  To cut a long story short I found it. This was something that I had not even used in my trading research and to say that I am excited by the discovery is a huge understatement.

For the remaining 5 months of the season I played around with this to try to find ways to get the most from it. July to November brought a profit of over 47 units and 9.84% ROI.

The profit for the year was 27 units and just 2.51% ROI but I am looking forward to seeing how the new approach works for a full season in 2017. As I have said before I am going to be providing the picks FREE on the blog. There is no point testing it privately as I need to have the pressure of knowing people are placing real money on them.

You can download the results HERE.


This new info is also helping my own trading and the research for the Daily Trading Advice email which provides info, picks and advice on EVERY main tour (main draw) match. When the main tour ends I move to the Challenger tour up to the end of November.

Yearly subscriptions for the Trading Advice Email are available via the banner on the left hand side of this page. That gives you an excellent £50 saving on the year!


If you  haven’t already done so please bookmark the blog and join me for what is going to be a very profitable season in 2017!

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