Shark Tips – Sat 1st April 2017

Leon Challenger

21:30 – Jarry v Menendez Maceiras

Back Menendez Maceiras 1 unit @ 2.10 (curr 2.04)

Update: Menendez Maceiras won in 2 sets


St. Brieuc Challenger

12:00 – Sakharov v Kamke

Back Sakharov 1 unit @ 2.50 (curr 2.50)

Update: Kamke won in 3 sets.


St. Brieuc Challenger

14:00 – Gerasimov v Moutet

Back Moutet 1 unit @ 3.00 (curr 2.90)

Update: Gerasimov won in 3 sets.


Leon Challenger

23:00 – Quiroz v Ram

Back Quiroz 1 unit @ 3.00 (curr 2.90)

Huge value on him here and even though Igive Ram the slightest of edges with his history at this tournament Quiroz is worth a go at this price.

Update: Quiroz won in 2 sets.


WTA Miami Open

19:00 – Konta v Wozniacki

Back Konta 1 unit @ 2.02 (curr 2.02)

Update: Konta won in 2 sets.

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2 thoughts on “Shark Tips – Sat 1st April 2017”

  1. blank

    Hi matell will you be doing a write up for the women’s final?


    Keep up the good work

    1. blank

      I was away visiting family for the first time in 3 years. I sent out details on the final for Trading Advice members and did post Konta as my pick for the Shark Tips on the blog. I didn’t have much time on Saturday morning.

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