Shark Tips – Sat 21st Jan

WTA Australian Open


01:30 – Sakkari v Lucic Baroni

Back Sakkari 1 unit @ 2.28 (curr 2.28)

Update@ Lucic Baroni won in 3 sets.


02:30 – Wozniacki v Konta

Number of sets: Back “3 sets”,  0.5 units @ 2.52 (curr 2.52)

Update: Konta won in 2 sets.


08:00 – Gavrilova v Bacsinszky

Back Bacsinszky 1 unit @ 2.28 (curr 2.28)

Update: Gavrilova won in 3. Bacs was a break up in the third set


ATP Australian Open


09:30 – Dimitrov v Gasquet

Back Dimitrov 1 unit @ 1.80 (curr 1.68)

I don’t like taking a favourite if I need more than 10 ticks higher than their current price for value but I am making an exception. Dimitrov looks like having a great season if he stays healthy

Update:Dimitrov won in 3 sets. His price rose to around 2.00 in the early games.

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