Shark Tips update

I talked about the Shark Tips in my video update but I have now updated the results. That took a bit of work and I had to rely on my notes for some of them.

In May and June the wheels came off a little and the results were so poor I had had enough. I decided I really didn’t want the stress anymore of trying to get consistent results. I stopped recording the results.

As I said in the video I don’t like to fail at anything so looked again for something I might have missed when it came to predicting matches for straight bets. I found something.

A combination of 2 pieces of information returns strong results. This means it is also quicker to check through the day’s matches. Add in years of experience and I am much happier with the selections from the new process.  I wasn’t certain when I had started with this but  from my notes it was during July.

I am looking forward to giving the new selection process a full season to prove itself. I want to test it in public so the selections during 2017 will be FREE to everyone on the blog.

The tips are in profit up to the end of October for this season.

2016 results

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