Skype update

We ran the first Skype tests yesterday. Good job we did as it appears that Skype won’t allow me to share my screen with more than 1 person at a time! It did show me that several people can have a voice conversation with no problems.


A little later Ray came up with the suggestion of using another bit of software that I was going to use for the non member – no commentary sessions once a month and just using skype for the commentary. Why didn’t I think of that?? Thanks Ray.


The screen sharing software was tested with 3 people connecting at the same time with no issues. The software seems similar to Webinar and works very well and even allows the viewer to have a coloured pointer with their name attached. This can be used to indicate on the screen what they are commenting on.


I don’t see that there are any real limits on how many people can connect as its done through a website. This means that it won’t slow down my PC and trading software. I think this is a better solution than purely using skype.


We now just need to test it with Skype and I need a new headset as my old one seems to have kitten bite marks in it. That headset is, as we speak, being surgically removed from a small feline’s rear end. Bless him.


So after a few minutes concerns it looks like we will be ready to go in January.


Thanks to the guys who helped me with the testing yesterday.



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