Sony Ericsson Open, Miami – Semi Finals

18:00 – Fish v Djokovic

Head to heads are 7-0 to Djokovic.

With Djokovic starting at 1.13 I’m not sure if there is much to be gained from traing this at all. The only possibility is to lay Djokovic or perhaps backing Djokovic 2-0 in the set betting market.



Midnight – Nadal v Federer

Rankings are 1 and 3. Head to heads 15-8 to Nadal.

Of their 23 matches 19 were Finals and just 3 were Semi finals so this is slightly unusual and brought about by Djokovic’s fantastic run of form and rise to number 2 in the world.

Federer hasn’t really been tested so far and will be the more rested of the 2 players due to Simon quitting after just 3 games of their quarter final.

Nadal had a tougher quarter final with Berdych surprisingly taking him to 3 sets. That was the only set he has lost so far.

Nadal had a problem in his last match with his right arm. This shouldn’t affect him too much and he certainly played well enough in the 3rd set against Berdych.

Federer is starting to struggle against the very top players. He has lost his last 4 matches against top 10 players. It will be a long time until he is overtaken for the world number 3 position though.

Stats really won’t help us much today. They played 3 times in 2010. One went to Fed in  3 sets, one was straight sets to Nadal with 2 tie break sets and the other went to Nadal in straight sets with the second set being a tie break.

I am going for a Nadal win in 3 sets. I think whoever gets the first break in the opening set will hold on to take it. We won’t see many breaks today.

Other than that its just about impossible to predict the way the game will go so I will be watching how the match develops before getting involved. I should be in the chatroom for the game.

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