Sony Ericsson Open – Tuesday

Watch out for the liquidity in today’s games. The money may come in quite late. Once  a game starts the money should pile in but if the game has less than 50K matched be very very careful about trading it. Either leave the game alone totally or wait a few games until there are fewer gaps between prices.


19:00  – Coin v Martic


Rankings are 82 and 74. They have never played before.


Both have beaten reasonable opponents in the last few weeks with Coin beating Safarova and Martic defeating Wickmayer.


Stick with scalping and the 15-40 on this game. Should be pretty close if they both play well but they tend to be very inconsistent. Don’t leave a trade open any longer than you need to as I’d expect a few price swings.


Update: Tonight’s games showed perfectly how low liquidity can make trading difficult. Most markets were only suitable for straight punts. Did I take my own advice and avoid them? No I did not. Am I an idiot. Absolutely.


Martic won 5-7, 7-6, 6-3.


The problem with low liquidity games is that very little money is being placed as you’re trying to get out when it goes wrong. For example if you have backed a player and the game goes against you then you need people to be placing back bets to match your lay. But the few people trading aren’t backing the player because they’re getting beaten!


I did have a chance to green up for about £40 after a couple of games but just to confirm my idiot status I waited “for a little more”! Managed to get out with a £20 loss and I was VERY happy with that considerig the alternative! 





21:00 – Kvitova v Garbin


Rankings are 65 and 53. Head to heads are 1-0 to Kvitova.


I’d expect Kvitova to take this one although Garbin is more than capable of making a match of it.


The form of both players will fluctuate during the game making it ideal for scalping and 15-40.


Update: Kvitova won 6-4, 6-4

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