Spam by any other name?

I was contacted last week by someone offering to pay me for writing a post on my blog and placing a link to their client’s website which is a betting related site.
His client would pay me $40 for the link which could be done on a monthly basis.

I said I was interested and could I have any more details. The next email suggested that the post wouldn’t even have to be about their client’s website. I wouldn’t even have to mention their site but simply link any word to their url.

I declined their offer.

I aren’t against using the site for advertising. You can see that I have been playing around with Adsense ads which will never make a fortune but after a week’s testing it looks like they will bring in enough to cover the costs of the chatroom and hosting costs for the tradesharktennis domain.

However I wasn’t comfortable with, in effect, tricking people to visit a 3rd party site. To me, someone should click a link because the article/post/ad has caught their interest and they want to find out more. I understand that links such as the one they wanted helps with SEO results but that still leaves me with a random link within my site.

My business is purely based on my reputation. I’m not about to risk that for 20 quid. How would I explain the link to people who read this page every day? Now if it was 2 HUNDRED quid – I’m in! Everyone has their price and i’m cheap as chips 🙂

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2 thoughts on “Spam by any other name?”

  1. Not a question of a sporting nature, TS, but could you outline your Website/Wordpress/Adsense experiences for us, perhaps?

    I for one would be interested to hear about the development experience. No trade secrets, just some warts and all comments. :~)


    1. Thats a hell of a long story but might make an interesting post. I’ve been amazed at the number of visitors i get each day and the number of page views. I would never have thought that I would get over 1000 hits a day after just a few months. I was impressed that i got 70 after a couple of days! And thats for a site on tennis which is a mile behind football and racing as far as betfair trading goes.
      I’ll make a start on it tonight. Thanks for the idea 🙂

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