Suez Grand Prix – Tues

Bammer v Zakopalova

Bammer is ranked 30 and her opponent 112. Yet their prices on Betfair are 1.84 and 2.14 . Why?

All down to the surface. The Suez is a clay tournament and Zakopalova is happier on clay. Bammer prefers grass. In the French Open Zakopalova took a set off Serena Williams which gives you an idea of her ability on the red courts.

Bammer prefers grass and that explains why the prices are so close. Could easily be a 3 setter and Zakopalova may well nick it. Perfect match for the 15-40 . Its the first game of the day so liquidity shouldn’t be a problem but make sure its over 50K at the start.

Update: Once again I demonstrate why I am a trader and not a gambler! Bammer won 6-2, 6-3. 15-40 will have worked well ( I have had a poer cut all morning so didnt trade)

Pennetta v Schiavone

Rankings of 15 and 28 don’t really show the true picture here. Pennetta has failed to beat today’s opponent in 4 attempts. The market is right to have them so close at 1.91 and 2.08 .

Schiavone got to the quarter finals of wimbledon but is less comfortable on clay courts. Pennetta is always capable of competing agaianst anyone so this one is tough to call. My money would be on Shiavone in 3 sets. Another perfect match for the 15-40.

Update:Hmm, Shiavone seemed to have struggled switching from the grass of Wimbledon back to clay. Pennetta won 6-2, 7-5. This is why i prefer the 15-40 as you don’t need to pick the winner at the start.

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  1. Where r u getting the live scores from bud? Bet365 and BF video didnt have the 1st game! Cant trade blind…at least I cant!

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