Suisse Open – Friday

Beck v Crivoi

Rankings are 51 and 81. the market has them very close at 1.93 and 2.06 .

2 normally unremarkable players who both had decent wins in the last round. their rankings tell us of their level of consistency though and I can see plenty of mistakes and breaks in this match.

Beck would be my slight favourite but there have been some strange results lately! 15-40 or scalping are by far the best strategies for this one in my opinion.

Possibly 3 sets.

Update: As expected, breaks galore! Think I counted 5 in the first set  (4 consecutively) and more in the second set.

Beck won 6-4, 7-6.

The price swings meant it was perfect for scalpers. Well done to Macdady who traded the first set with stakes of £25 and £50 and came away with £15 profit. Not bad for half an hours work. Thanks for the screenshot 🙂

Mac's scalping profit
Mac's scalping profit