Suisse Open – Mon

Gabashvili v Capdeville

Rankings are 74 and 83 which suggests a tight match but Gabashvili has had much better results so far this season.  The market has them at 1.44 and 3.20 which is probably about right. Their only previous match went Capdeville’s way although that was a couple of years ago.

Gabashvili should win it but yesterday showed why I prefer to scalp matches 🙂

Scalping and 15-40 are the recommended strategies.

Update: Thought I’d put the kiss of death on Gabashvili when he lost the first set 1-6! But he fought against being tipped by me and won the next 2 sets 7-6, 6-3. Huge swings for smart scalpers 😉

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Cipolla v Hernych

Rankings are 99 and 89 and the market has them at 2.26 and 1.77 . Head to head is 1 each. All that suggests a tight match that could go either way.

Cipolla reached a quarter final last month which was also on clay.

Hernych, if fit, would be my pick but another perfect match for scalping or 15-40 . At least one of the sets should be very close.

Update: Cipolla just didnt turn up. Not a great deal for the scalpers but hopefully you were able to let a back bet on Hernych run when it was obvious that this was a one horse race.