Sunday night/Monday morning matches

last night I stayed for the Schiavone match to see what the liquidity would be like during the match. The market was “gappy” to say the least. I had layed Schiavone with small stakes when I saw she was serving first and greened up for around 30% when she was 0-2. I didn’t expect the liquidity to increase significantly throughout the match so went to bed. The other matches still had only small amounts matched on them.

As it turned out Pervak retired before the end of the first set so my green was voided!

Looking at the matches for tonight there aren’t huge amounts matched yet but I expect mney to come in during the evening when hangovers have subsided a little.

No punting tips were posted last night but I have done research on around 20 matches and I will select 3 matches as long as the prices hit what I see as value. I will also be posting the first trading tips of the year so please check back later.

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1 thought on “Sunday night/Monday morning matches”

  1. liquidity is the problem so far, no money put in the market.

    hard to find ANY match with at least 40-50k matched before start. so far nothing.

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