Swedish Open – Fri

Verdasco v Monaco

World ranked 9 against 61 you wouldn’t expect the favourite to be at 1.74. However clay is a great leveller! Monaco is more comfortable on clay and that brings the 2 closer together. I would still expect Verdasco to come through though. He won their last meeting which was also  on clay this year. He won in 2 sets.

Monaco is a bit of a clay specialist. Does he have a chance today? Ofcourse he does.

So what’s the best way to approach trading this one? A few options. Get in at a great price and back Verdasco from the start. Monaco needs to keep the first set close to be in with a chance. If Verdasco gets off to a fast start Monaco’s head may drop and the first set will be over quickly. If you choose this option I would recommend you have a plan of what to do if the trade goes against you. (www.tradesharktennis.com )

Another option is to start the match with 15-40 or scalping and if the first set looks like its going to be one way traffic, let an open back bet on Verdasco run a little. Green up at the end of the first set and use the same strategy in the second set.

Update: Well, I got that one wrong! But as Verdasco retired at 1-6, 1-3 due to an injury, I’ll let myself off!

Ofcourse that doesnt help if you backed Verdasco from the start. But as I advised above, make sure you have a plan of what you will do when a trade goes the opposite way to how you expected it to go ( no-one gets it right ALL the time ). If you have your own strategy then great but if you don’t or you are looking for an alternative, my “Halfs and Doubles” strategy would have worked a treat in this match. it works best when a match doesnt have a lot of breaks of serve.

Find out about it in the Members Area on www.tradesharktennis.com  🙂