Swiss Indoors – Friday

17:00 – Roddick v Nalbandian

Rankings are 9 and 29. Head to heads are 3-3.

Roddick is in decent form and has dealt with his 2 opponents well enough this week beating both in straight sets. His serve is in good shape and he has been a little more aggressive on return than usual.

Nalbandian is close to top form. He is lacking a reliable killer serve and when he finds it his opponent needs to watch out! He dealt well ( eventually) with Cilic’s serve yesterday but Roddick’s is in another league. Nalbandian will be able to work it out but he will need his own serve to be strong to keep him in this match.

If Nalbandian could start matches the same way he plays second sets then he would be a strong favourite for me. The trouble is that he starts slowly and Roddick just isn’t the sort of player you want to be trying to pull back against.

This match is all about Nalbandian’s serve. If it is superb, he wins. If it is shaky this will probably play on his mind and effect the rest of his game.

This will be a great match to watch and Iexpect it to be a close one. Hard to pick a winner without seeing how they start the match.

Back Roddick on serve in the first set. Hopefully Nalbandian can hold it together long enough to give a few games at the startig price.

If forced to pick a winner I’ll go with Nalbandian in 3 sets.

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