Switching sides – Surf that wave to profits.

I was answering a question a couple of days ago. In one of my video’s I had switched sides several times and managed to come out with a profit. The guy couldn’t see why I traded it that way.

I use this technique when i have backed a player from the start and the match isn’t going the way i expected. We’ve all been there. He’s been playing like the next Nadal all week and as soon as i have money on him he forgets what the raquet is for and starts falling over his own feet. The thing to remember when switching sides is that if youtry to do it all at once you can come unstuck. if you need to switch back you can be looking at a break even situation on one player and a large red on the other. A little further into the match and you try to switch again and you can find yourself with a big red figure on both players.

So the key is to not over commit yourself. Make the changeover in stages. If your guy loses his serve lay off half your original bet and see what happens. If your guy breaks back its easy to re-back him with that half-stake. If the underdog keeps playing well and holds serve, back him with the half-stake.

Think of it as surfing. You need to stay just infront of that wave. If you get too far from the front you will wipe out. Switching sides can be a very effective way of getting out of trouble but unless you have it straight in your mind of what you are going to do you can wave goodbye to your trading bank!